WebstarOnline file delivery and approval system

Please click for our webstar-online “quickstart guide

Webstar use a full “Pdf workflow”

Webstar utilises the latest APPE (Adobe postscript print engine) which supports pdf 1.3 / 1.4 / 1.5 / 1.6 (we recommend 1.5 or higher)

Please supply all pages as Single page Pdf files
This will ensure your files process quickly and efficiently

Please Include Trim marks and 3mm minimum bleed
All live type to be a minimum of 5mm from trim

When setting up files for perfect bound jobs that have a double page image between the inside cover and first/last text page the images should be ‘rolled’ to the foredge by 5mm otherwise image will be lost in the hinge (usually 5-7mm hinge). It is important that the cover file and text file are moved by the same amount to ensure images do not appear elongated or distorted.

ALL nonCMYK (including RGB) colour spaces are automatically converted to CMYK using the ISO Standard profile mentioned below (Warning notifications alerting you of this are published when uploading)

Large areas of black should have 20% cyan running under the black (known as rich black) this helps achieve depth to black solids
Body copy type which is black to be set as 100% black only (this ensures type is printed sharp and clean)

We recommend 300dpi for all Images / Our online preflight warnings will send notification warnings below 170dpi

Tip: when viewing Pdf files ensure “Overprint preview” is enabled under view settings this will give a accurate representation of how pdf file will print

Warnings: Warning emails are sent to uploader when file is processed. You can access the warning info using “smart review” online

Secure file transfer

“For those clients that require an alternative method of file transfer that is reliable and secure, Webstar provides a secure FTP service, which can be accessed either using sFTP (SSH File Transfer) or HTTPS (SSL web browser), both of these methods are protected using  high-grade SHA-256 with RSA Encryption keys that provide the secure transfer of sensitive information.

In addition to this secure encryption layer, Webstar also provides individual logins and can enable IP address based access control list filtering to further secure the connection between its clients and the Webstar system.”

Colour reproduction

Webstar print to ISOStandards click here to download the profile you require for print, For stock 80GSM or Higher use 3dapV3_Papertype1 300 for stock 79GSM or lower use 3dapV3_Papertype 3 F45 but please ask if unsure

Webstar use Veripress onpress digital softproofing system on each press, The system is calibrated to ISO standards allowing printer to compare print in realtime


At webstar we understand that you may have certain work processes or custom requirements which could impact on supplying pdf files as above
If this is the case please contact us and one of our technical experts will work with you to cater for this

Full training and Technical support can be provided
If you have any questions or concerns please contact

Steve Lonergan | Technical Innovations Manager

MOB:+64 21 763 614
114 Swanson Road Auckland, Henderson 0610 NZ

Email: Steve.Lonergan@webstar.co.nz